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Authentic Spanish Rice Recipe:

2 - Tablespoons of manteca (you can use canola oil instead)
1 - cup of white long grain rice (I suggest Mahatma rice)
1 - 8 oz can of Tomato sauce
1/2 - white onion-peeled
5 - cups of chicken stock or chicken broth

1. Heat oil on medium heat in a 9” skillet or frying pan
2. As soon as pan is hot, pour in rice
3. Smooth out rice to cover the whole bottom of pan
4. Stir constantly until rice starts getting ever slightly toasted
(This should take 1-2 minutes)
5. Now pour in the whole can of tomatoes sauce & stir until all the rice is covered with the tomato sauce.
6. Now immediately pour in all the chicken stock.
7. Raise the flame to bring to a boil uncovered then lower & simmer until liquid evaporates (this should take 10-15 min)
8. Stir & serve.

Congratulations. You just made a delicious Authentic Spanish Rice that you will make time & time again.
(I can’t believe I just told you our secret family recipe. Oh well... Enjoy!)

Mucho Provecho!

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